Overlap between Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

                           I respect both Physician assistants and Nurse practitioners. They are all amazing to me. They taught me a lot. I stand in awe of any medical professional that has a wealth of experience. I did notice something though. I noticed that in the ER the roles of the NP and PA seem to overlap. …

Wearing your white coat – and perhaps your ego and patient’s bacteria – in public


White coat in public place

People can wear what they want in America. Whether you want to debut the latest vogue or your midriff rife with adiposity, you are free to do so. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. In the span of one week, I found two people – on two separate occasions – wearing white coats, each eliciting a different reaction from me.

In the past few months, I have made a conscientious choice to buy more of my groceries in the form of fruits and vegetables – and less in the form of boxes, cans, containers, and cartons, and I recommend you to do the same (the subject of a future post???). Although Winn-Dixie does not sit at the pinnacle of grocer quality – like perhaps Whole Foods or Milams, it does offer a reasonable produce selection at a reasonable price. As I happened to be picking out…

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“Arguing Is Pointless”

Life's Best Advice

From Peter Bregman of the Havard Business Review Blog Network titled Arguing Is Pointless …

“Think about it. You and someone have an opposing view and you argue. You pretend to listen to what she’s saying but what you’re really doing is thinking about the weakness in her argument so you can disprove it. Or perhaps, if she’s debunked a previous point, you’re thinking of new counter-arguments. Or, maybe, you’ve made it personal: it’s not just her argument that’s the problem. It’s her. And everyone who agrees with her.

In some rare cases, you might think the argument has merit. What then? Do you change your mind? Probably not. Instead, you make a mental note that you need to investigate the issue more to uncover the right argument to prove the person wrong.”

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