This is a place for people that are unsure about pursuing graduate degrees. Are you wondering if medical school, law school or graduate school is worth it? Check out this blog!

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11 Replies to “About”

  1. OK I am trying to figure out the theme here? Are you an angry medical, grad, law student? or did your parents make you go to medical school? Or all of the above?

  2. Good question. I am a 27 yr old second yr medical student in the northeastern part of the USA. Very strongly “pressured” into medical school by immigrant family of doctors and medical professionals. I believed the hype. Now I am just a disillusioned blogger. I added law students and grad students because i noticed a lot of them are disillusioned about their post graduate programs also. This is especially true for my law school friends. We were sold one thing and it ended up being another.

  3. ha ok fair enough. I am in medicine, but I have zero family members in the medical field (maybe a second cousin?). Grad school sucks, pressured or not, but didn’t we kind of know it would suck? I often ask myself: what else would I be doing now if I wasn’t in grad school? The disillusioned blogging business isn’t as lucrative as one would like 🙂

  4. haha yeh hardly any makes money from blogs. Immigrant family emotional manipulation should be an Olympic event. That’s how good they are with it. So even if it sucks or not you really have no choice. But you are correct, after a while you grow to love grad school. Kinda like Stockholm syndrome lol.

  5. I’m an undergrad currently applying to medical school. This blog is awesome. I hope I’m not thinking the same way as you are in 2-3 years, but I’m pretty sure I will be. Maybe I should rethink this…

    1. hey thanks for the comment. Im glad you like the blog! Everyone is different and you may end up enjoying medical school. It depends on your view of life. I will put up a post that will help make the decision easier. I will also add links to some really good articles written by medical residents about it.

    2. hey premed, i just posted something that may help your decision. You should check out the links first. They are great. The comments on the links are the best part. I think you should go to medical school. You do not want to wonder what if. But if you hate it after the first few months then you should leave.
      You can serve patients in another capacity and still have the time to be a well rounded healthy human being.

  6. Hi there, I’m first year and hating it. I’m interested in chemistry and psychopharmacology and especially treating the mentally ill. I really want to go into psychiatry but it seems so far away and impossible to get through all the other stuff I hate – cardiorespiratory at the moment is driving me insane, and PBLs make me want to stay in bed. I’m not really sure what to do, is there anything you could suggest?

    I think of dropping out a lot but would never know if I should have stuck it out to become a psychiatrist. Straight chemistry or pharmacology degrees don’t really look right for me and I’m not even sure which job I would get at the end!

    1. Hey Sarah, thanks for the question! I would say stick it out until 3rd year. 3rd year onward is such a radical change from the first 2 years. I know how dark and miserable first and second years can get. Its the worst period of you life. But if you still dont like medical school after USMLE Step 1 then you can leave.

      Medicine needs people like you who are willing to go into the mental health services. New grads just don’t want to go into psych anymore. To get psychiatry you dont even have to score that well on the Step 1 and 2. All you have to do is pass decently ( which im sure u can do). So just stick it out until your 3rd year and if you still don’t like it you can leave that very minute. By 3rd year you would know for sure if medicine is right for you. =)

  7. Thanks for your quick reply! I should have said, I’m at a UK medical school in London and I think a large part of me disliking it here is hating the city and my halls, let alone the course.

    Thank you for the psych encouragement – we have studied zero psych so far, so I’m losing sight of it a bit. So much of the stuff we are learning seems utterly pointless when I’m sure of psych.

    How are you finding your third year?

  8. Lol…its funny becuz over the thanksgiving holiday i met a medical student from the UK. He told me that in the UK they emphasize being a general practitioner a lot. The emphasis is not on becoming a super specialist like it is in the states.

    One thing i would like to add is that if you do switch to a Ph.D program you are also going to run into stressful problems. Funding for labs will make your life a living hell. Graduate school in science comes with its own set of problems.

    If you have time maybe go to the psych clinics. This will give u motivation and help you remember why you got into this profession in the first place. I would love to hear updates on whether you decide to stick it out! What advice are your parents giving you about your dilemma?

    Third year is good. Much better than the darkness of pure memorization and theory. Clinics and meeting patients make all the difference. They will give you the motivation to keep studying even when the coursework is sooo dry, boring and damn difficult. It gets better…trust me, ive been where u have been and i felt the same exact way lol.

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