The Rat Race



Exiting the rat race is my goal. The key is to find mortgage free shelter. Once you have paid for your housing, everything else becomes easy. The biggest debt anchor most American have is their homes. I would much rather have a tiny 100 grand home with no mortgage, rather than a 400 grand McMansion. Expensive house= more hours being a worker slave.

I want a small home in a rural area. You can find one for about 80 grand. A garden in the back would be nice. I can grow some food on that acre. I don’t even care if the house is nice. That can be fixed over time. I don’t need nice. I need sufficient. This idea of working until retirement is insane. The system is designed so that we spend most of our time just trying to fulfill basic survival needs. This is on purpose. The more time you spend just trying to survive, the less time you have to self actualize.

 They don’t tell you this in college. Imagine if you spent your college tuition money on buying a home instead. Most people would be much better off. Being a worker drone has been glamorized. In reality, it is not glamorous. Working for another persons corporation is in direct opposition to self actualization. This whole system is rigged and I want out.





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