Advice for College Pre-meds

My advice would be to:

1.) Clinically shadow physicians. Maybe become an ER scribe. I would also shadow other allied health care workers like physical therapist, occupational therapist etc. Shadow the mid level workers like physician assistants and nurse practicioners. You want to get a good over view of what medicine is really like. Don’t go in blind and then end up hating it 4 years down the road when you are in debt. You may find out that being a mid level or an allied health professional is more your personality. Look before you leap!

2.) Keep your GPA as high as possible. Do this at all cost. This could mean that you switch your major to something that you actually enjoy. If you enjoy it, you will most likely excel at it. You do not need to be a Biology major to be a pre-med.

3.) Start preparing for the MCAT from the first semester. Buy the books and study a little each day. Start reading literature now. The Verbal section of the MCAT is the hardest section for most pre- meds.

4.) Learn Spanish————→ some hospitals give a preference to people that can speak Spanish.

5.) Do some research in a lab during the summer. Some schools like applicants that have participated in research publications.

6.) Please become a well-rounded person. This is the most important thing. Become a good person so that you can be empathetic.


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