We are all high schoolers

When you look back on high school everyone seems so corny. Sometimes i wonder why i even tried to impress my fellow classmates. They were insecure teenage idiots bumbling through puberty trying to find themselves in a confusing world. People never really grow out of this. We are all fumbling around trying to find truth and happiness. I have met very few people that are worthy of me trying to impress. Most people are just people. They all have vices and virtues.

Why do we still try to impress others. Its insane. Most people are just as insecure and clueless as we are. When we go to gym we think people are judging us but they are thinking the exact same thing. The world is a bunch of self conscious people worrying about the thoughts of other self conscious people.  Everyone is that confused high schooler at heart. The vast majority of people are not worth impressing. Live life on your own terms.

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