Overbearing parents in the movies

The medical school trap is everywhere. This idea of parents pressuring their children into medical school is a repeating concept in many movies and books.

1.) Dead Poets Society — Neil ends up committing suicide because his father forced him to become a physician. Neil

2.) Harold and Kumar — Kumar intentionally bombed the medical school interview. He really didn’t want to do it but his parents were pressuring him. Kumar

3.) Family Guy —- You Doctor Yet  You Doctor Yet

4 Replies to “Overbearing parents in the movies”

    1. hey MinuteMan i feel your pain bro. What are you really good at? Make a career out of that. Don’t let parents pressure you because at the end of the day it is just you. You will be the one working 24 hour shifts exhausted in the hospital. You better make sure that this is what you wanted. Check out my E-book My Kid Is A Doctor. You may find it helpful. Remember sometimes we need to become successful outside of medicine before our parents will see our vision. They are just afraid that you are going to be poor lol. They mean well. Hit me up if you need anything. Take care. You are not alone.

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