Life is a numbers game

Sometimes i wonder if there is a code embedded into life. I imagine the code would say “anything is possible if you try enough times”. Life seems like a numbers game. If you do enough questions you will have seen every concept the test could ask. If you pursue enough potential customers you will reach your sales goal. If you give enough people your resume you will eventually land a job. If you ask enough people on a date one will eventually say yes. Anything is possible given an infinite amount of attempts. Its the 12 Monkeys in a room with a typewriter theory.

This is an extremely depressing and extremely powerful concept. I have personally known close friends that have attempted for 4 years to get into medical school and finally got in. I met a guy who applied to residency 4 times before getting in. I have a cousin that was underemployed for years but never gave up applying to jobs. He finally got a career that he loves. So almost anything is possible given enough determination and time. The question becomes is the time required to reach the goal worth it? Only the individual can answer that question.

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