Females have better bedside manner than males


                      In general females have better bedside manner than males. They just have an aura of caring. Maybe they are more comfortable in expressing emotion. Maybe it is the nurturing instinct.  I have noticed that many male physicians are very competent, but they seem too stoic in the presence of an emotional patient. Society discourages emotional displays in men. Sometimes that emotional touch is all you can do for a patient. They just need to know that you care. Displays of empathy from the physician also greatly increases patient compliance. As men we need to take a playbook from the women and master competence and compassion. Some times we need to tone down our machismo. Check out the link below           http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/education/6618603.stm

One Reply to “Females have better bedside manner than males”

  1. I think it’s also because of different skills taught by our parents. Being a female myself I am expected to be a good listener and confidant. Maybe an empathy workshop or seminar for medical students would help. I know my university’s nursing school has a “feelings class” which basically teaches you how to comfort people in distress.

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