Your Career depends on “Networking and Nepotism”

                            I just completed my first week of clinical rotations and i have noticed something. I have noticed that careers are determined by a persons connections. I would argue that gaining the favor of your superiors is a slightly more important skill to learn than actual mastery in a field. In third year medical school your recommendations depend on what your attending and residents think of you. If you get a bad recommendation because you are not a team player then you are screwed. Luckily i have really friendly doctors teaching me and my fellow classmates so it is easy to work with them.

                           Getting a job is increasingly becoming a game of networking as most organizations are hiring from the inside of the organization. What people refer to as networking is really just being part of the inner circle. The work force is not always a meritocracy. It’s often who you know as opposed to what you know that will land you a position. Networking and nepotism rule the day. While i will NEVER kiss ass to get accepted, i am starting to realize the power of “networking”. 

2 Replies to “Your Career depends on “Networking and Nepotism””

  1. Oh, for sure.

    During high school and my years of undergrad I have had the fortunate opportunity to shadow an orthopedic surgeon and see hundreds of outpatient surgeries. I didn’t win this opportunity through a program. Instead, I had connections with a physical therapy clinic who had connections with this surgeon. They called the surgeon up and I went over and introduced myself.

    All about connections and networking.

  2. this is exactly wut im talking about. Imagine how hard it would have been to get that opportunity with that surgeon without connections, you would have just been another application on a desk…thanks for the comment bro

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