Patients make it worth it (kinda)

                            I have to admit that medicine might not be so bad after all. I absolutely HATED and DESPISED the first 2 years of medical school. This should be obvious to you judging by the early content of this blog. Medicine is not too bad. The reason it is getting interesting is because of the patients. Once you get to interact with patients you feel like you are their advocate. I know this sounds mushy and cliche but it is true. You picture these good people in an epic battle against the unfairness of the universe. The universe dealt them a bad hand by making them ill. Now you want to help them fight back against the unfairness of life. You start to bond with them. They make you laugh. Sometimes their pain makes you want to cry. But at the end of the day you want to be the most competent healthcare provider you can be in order to give these good people a fighting chance at correcting their illness. Dont get me wrong. I would have still gone into a different profesison but medicine is not the hell i initially made it out to be. I will probably change my mind back to hating it by the time residency comes along ( if i even make it that far). But for now its ok. So hang in there all you pre meds and basic science student.

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