Self- Discipline is the best power



noun: self-discipline
the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.



                      Discipline is the essential element to self improvement. Most of our problems in life are due to a lack of discipline. We could be in great shape.  The reason we are not in great shape is because we lack the discipline to drastically restrict caloric intake and to run 4 miles a day. We could be bilingual except we lack the discipline to learn 50 new Spanish vocab words a day. We could be in a great relationship but we lack the willpower to fix our flaws. We have the power to make our lives awesome if only we had the discipline to not quit after a few days. Discipline is power. The people with the most messed up lives are the people that lack discipline the most ( barring external circumstances that ruin a persons life).

                         Our own bodies sabotage us in our efforts to be disciplined. Every cell in our body wants to take the path of least resistance. Laziness is encoded in our DNA. Even the laws of physics reward laziness. Electrical current takes the path of least resistance. This is why the majority of people break their New Years resolution. Nature does not want us to keep those resolutions! We must transcend nature.

                         How much control you have over your life is proportional to how much discipline you have. Life is hard enough. It is even harder when we are sabotaging ourselves. My goal is to develop discipline in all aspects of my life. Not just a few. People are often highly disciplined in one arena of their lives but lazy in another. I am tired of living like that. I want it all.


4 Replies to “Self- Discipline is the best power”

  1. yeh your right. Its funny how we can be so hard working in one aspect of life (school) and then lazy in other aspects of life ( hobbies/ fitness). Thanks for the comment

  2. great post, all the best trying to achieve your goals.

    Without trying to sound negative, you know another big barrier to staying disciplined?
    Other people… Peer pressure, social norms etc. Thats why its so hard.

    1. this is so true. It so difficult to eat correctly when ur girlfriend or boyfriend wants to eat out all the time. When ur friends are not in the same mindset as you its really hard. I guess i gotta find a group of like minded people.

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