Homosexuality (evil?) vs Bestiality (funny?)

Ben Carson on bestiality and homosexuality

Weird Howard the Duck bestiality scene ( not PG-13 so be warned)

Warning!! This has nothing to do with medical school or medicine. I am not homophobic nor do i engage in bestiality. I don’t care what you do with your genitals or your animals. This is just an observation about inconsistencies in the logic of the religious anti gay agenda.

I have never seen anti bestiality protests by the religious right. I have seen many anti gay protest.  If a group of people have an issue with homosexuality then they should really really have a super issue with bestiality. At least homosexuality is within the human species. Logically speaking, bestiality is even more “deviant” than homosexuality because it is sexual relations with a species that is not even human. Bestiality often involves species that are  not even on our phylogenetic tree.

Going after homosexuality more heavily than bestiality is like prosecuting a simple assault more heavily than a murder. It is morally inconsistent. Bestiality is actually looked at as slightly funny. It is the weird taboo that has humorous and pathetic overtones. I remember watching the movie Howard the Duck when i was a child ( 80’s baby). This movie had blatant scenes of bestiality in the 1980’s and it was not protested against by the religious right ( Who Framed Roger Rabbit also had blatant tones of bestiality in it). A movie that had blatant homosexuality would not have been made in 80’s. The reason that Howard the Duck was accepted and Brokeback Mountain would have been rejected is because one is seen as quirky and the other is seen as evil. This demonstrates moral inconsistency.

The reason for this moral inconsistency is because the anti-gay agenda is not really about degrees of sexual deviancy.  It is about many other things like fear, insecurity, socialization, culture etc. If it was strictly about morals then bestiality would not be seen as a pathetic joke while homosexuality seen as an abomination. I have never heard of a farmer being dragged to death behind a pickup truck for humping his sheep. I have heard of a homosexual being dragged to death behind a pickup truck for humping another man.

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