New definition of success

Old Definition: Money, Success, Power

New Definition: Power, Health, Friendship, Mindfulness, Passion, Sleep, Family, Giving back, Wisdom, Empathy, Money

                       This new definition of success is the best definition of success i have seen. I have noticed that i am happiest when i have all 11 elements of the new definition. It is easy to let the making money and “success” part of the equation take over. Career advancement takes a disproportionate amount of time out of our lives. It is time to focus on the other elements. The Baby Boomers had it right for a second with the whole hippie movement before they totally sold out to consumerism. I can’t blame them too much. Maybe somewhere in between the 2 definitions is the happy spot.  Old definition + New definition /2= Success ?? Check out the Huffington Post link.

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