Pre-Med needs a facelift

                              spnge  bobs pre med

                              I have been saying that the current pre med requirments make no sense for a long time. I feel partially vindicated now that test makers are going to overhaul the MCAT in 2015. The new test will have a reduced amount of organic chemistry, have no essay section, and will have a new biochem and behavioral science section. In my opinion they need to overhaul all of the premed classes and make them actually pre medical science classes. Beside biology, the current pre med requirements have no relevance to medical school.

The following is a list of the current requirements:

1.)  1 year of Biology with lab (useful)

2.)  1 year of General Chemistry with lab ( useless class)

3.)  1 year of Physics with lab ( very useless)

4.) 1 year of Calculus with lab ( super useless)

5.) 1 year of Organic Chem with lab ( extra useless)

The following list is what it should be in an ideal world:

1.)  1 year of Biochemistry

2. )   1 year of Pharmacology

3.)   1/2 year of Behavioral science

4.)   1/2 year of Anatomy

5.)    1/2 year of Neurology

6.)    1 year of Biology

7.)    1 year of Physiology

8.)    1/2 year of Epidemiology

9.)    Intro to Pathology

10.)   1/2 year of Embroyology

11.) Intro to History taking

                              The classes in the second list would be taught at the college level of difficulty. These are the actual classes that medical students take. This is literally a pre- medical school course load. The pre med courses we have now bear no resemblance to anything you see in medical school. The classes that do have a resemblance are often optional but not required.

                              Physics is very  rarely used in medical school. Its only really used in a couple formulas dealing with blood pressure and ventilation. Is it really necessary to have a whole year of learning Physics for a couple formulas? Organic chem is almost never used except in its relation to Biochem. Why not scrap Orgo and just have Biochem. Harvard is actually thinking about scraping the second year of Organic Chem. General chemistry is almost never used in medical school except for maybe 1 equation.  You definitely don’t need a year of Gen Chem. You never ever ever ever ever ever use Calculus in medical school. You only might need calculus in order to calculate the amount of debt your are going to have to pay back after you graduate.

                               If more people actually took real pre medical classes, then less people would be so shocked as to what being a doctor is really about. It would give an actual representation of what medical school is really like.  This would probably deter the people that would hate medical school and encourage the people that would excel in medical school. I don’t know why an accurate representation of medical school has not been implemented. Does any one know why?? I would love some feedback on why colleges have not pushed for this before? Why are we stuck in the dark ages of pre-medical education?

                                   Link to the Harvard Article:


6 Replies to “  Pre-Med needs a facelift”

  1. Completely agree! A lot of these classes are unless and professors make it hard just because they know most of the students are pre-med and only need to take the class for a requirement.

    1. yes you are correct. Some professors didnt particularly like pre-meds lol. I hope we see a change in the pre-med requirements in the next decade or so….thanks for the comment ClassAndSass.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out. I would take this even further and incorporate more courses that allow a pre-med to get a well-rounded education to be able to enter the workforce directly after 4 years. Let’s be realistic; pre-med does not make work for the majority of students, especially if they don’t get in or choose to go into medicine/dentistry/grad school/health care related field. If you choose a different path your screwed since you never learn anything of value that would be beneficial in the real world. Employers could care less if you can memorize all the information in a bunch of bio courses. They want problem-solvers, leaders, and decision makers; skills that you rarely use or develop in pre-med.

  3. That is very true. Pre med does not even qualify you to work in a lab.They have lab certificates for that. All it qualifies you to do is maybe teach the MCAT. College in general does not teach you valuable skills. Giant scam lol. I think it might be changing soon. Thanks for you comment!

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