Rule 1 for Frugal living: Dont drive your rich friend’s BMW

                          I was watching a clip from CNN about a couple that lives in a 200 square foot house. They decided to buy this house in order to have no mortgage. Being mortgage free would allow them to work less and live more. I am happy for this couple and wish them well but this …

Reader Mailbag: A Crack in the Dome



Various readers write:

I’m concerned about your head injury. I’m not normally the kind of person who freaks out over this shit, but you really need to see a doctor. You could die or be retarded, etc.

As always, thank you for your sweet concern. But it’s nothing. It hurts like a bitch, but I’m only cognitively impaired insofar as I’m distracted by pain. It’s just a knot on the head. It’s on the right side right on top of my occipital lobe so if there were brain damage it would be evident in my eyesight. Left side. Because of the optic chiasm– the nerves that read from your eyes cross over in an X and run to the back of your head, for some reason. Meaning your left eye transmits to the back right side of your head. See? I remember all that shit from class, that…

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