The Mid Level Practitioner: Physician Assistant edition

                                  Mid-level practitioners are an example of having the best of both worlds in the medical community. It provides a balance between work and having a life that physician training does not. With mid-levels you can still get the patient contact that makes medicine alluring without a decade long training. For some people this can be a perfect compromise between providing quality care and having an actual life outside of medicine. It provides a sense of balance that might be a better choice than medical school. I am glad that mid-level providers are the wave of the future.

                                   I am not  in PA school but i do know a couple. I  used to talk to them a good amount. PA  school is still very intense. They take many classes alongside the medical students. The good part is that they don’t have to be in school for 10 years. They can do it in about 2.3 yrs. A decade is a long time. A decade is a long time to be in debt. A decade is a prison sentence for first degree murder in some states. PA’s can start working after that 2 yr mark and start making a decent salary. Medical school is awesome but it may not be so awesome if you can’t find time to balance your personal life. You may end up as an unmarried 30 something and get bitter ( some female medical residents i know).

                                  I am glad that some people are willing to go the medical school route and commit their whole life to this one thing. We need people that want to be consumed by learning about medicine. But it is an extreme. Most people don’t do well with extremes. You can compromise. I am  glad that people are starting to spread the word that you can compromise. The mid-level practitioner is the compromise. I realize that as a PA you don’t know as much medicine as the physician. For some people this is alright. You still know a lot about medicine. You know enough to work autonomously on most things. Yes, you don’t get the same ego trip that you may get from calling yourself an MD but fuck your ego. Your ego is an insecure little wimp. Prestige is your egos shield. Ego and prestige have probably caused more misery in human existence than anything else.

                                  The chick in this video does a perfect job explaining why she left medical school and found PA school to be a better work/ life balance. She is everything i espouse in this blog. I wish people would look at things as rationally as she did. We as a society need to stop deifying the job of a physician. Pre-meds should know that it is ok not to go to medical school. They will see that there are other routes available  They will not get shuttled into the medical school trap by overzealous parents, college counselors and ridiculously glamorous tv shows (Grey’s anatomy).   Check out the videos.

6 Replies to “The Mid Level Practitioner: Physician Assistant edition”

  1. So I did the whole MD vs PA debate and honestly just wasn’t a huge fan of the people that were choosing to go to med school and didn’t want to have to deal with that all over again, I did my undergrad in a uber competitive engineering discipline. Anyways, I think there are PAs that work super crazy long hours, while their supervising physicians golf and I think there are physicians who never sleep and their PA works 9-5 in the clinic. I have seen both. I like to think PA school is a good choice but obviously I am biased. There was an interesting study from Yale re: NPV. Results were in my favor which I always enjoy. haha thanks for sharing the videos!

  2. hey antsloth i think you are right. There are docs and PA’s that work crazy long hours and i should not overgeneralize. I think you made the right decision according to that Yale news article. I really like that article btw, esp how they did the math of the average income generated over a career.
    Keep us updated on taking the boards and starting work and all that!…just wondering was your name always antsloth or was it antisloth at one point or am i going crazy??

    1. nice article. Forbes always has great articles on stuff like this for recent college grads. And i think i get ur name…ant= hardest working animal vs sloth=laziest animal. Nice i see what you did

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