Record Everything

 “The only real treasure is in your head. Memories are better than diamonds and nobody can steal them from you”
― Rodman Philbrick

                       At the end of the day all you have is memories. If I could tape a video camera to my shoulder i would. I would record every moment of my life. Why not? Memories are just recordings that the brain takes. Video cameras just do it better. One day all you will have left are the memories of the past. Half of the conversations with friends is just remembering some funny moment in the past. Memories are vital. I envy celebrities. Not because of the fame. I envy them because their life is recorded on camera. It is permanent. They are immortalized.

                  I admit that i take the technology of film for granted. It is so under appreciated. We have the ability to capture a moment forever at the press of a button. Humans in the past could not even imagine having such a privilege. We do.  One of the worst regrets is saying ” i wish i would have recorded it”.

                Its pretty cool to look at old recordings of friends and family. They are hilarious. They always make you laugh. They should invent a small camera that you can put under the skin on your forehead. The camera will record your whole life from birth to death. When you are old you can relive your life when ever you watch the film. That would be cool. Scientist, I give you 3 years. Get it done.

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