Are You A Doctor Yet

                              Story of my life minus the Asian part. You know something is an epidemic when popular culture makes fun of it. I know some Indian kids who tried to rebel against the whole doctor thing. They got ostracized from their family for about a year until they gave in. I know some African kids that did not want to apply to medical school after college. Their parents hated them for about 3 years. Now they are kinda over it. Except every now and then they make little snide remarks at thanksgiving about not being a doctor.

                                  Doctor worship with immigrants is beyond insane. They are like the medical school mafia. I think its a conspiracy among the medical schools. They secretly pay Asian and African parents money in order to funnel their kids into their schools. Its a symbiotic relationship. Medical schools get an inflated amount of applicants and our parents get some kick back money. Im going look into that one. It sounds plausible. Im just sayin you never know.


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