Step 1 and the FMG


                                 This test is a paradox. It has become the bane of my existence. I don’t understand it. I know “dumb” people that pass and “smart” people that fail. To be honest I have to give credit to my American graduate friends that take 2 weeks to study for this test and pass. That’s wild to me. Doing that seems the equivalent of shooting a basketball from the stands and it going in the hoop every time.  I understand that they had better instructors and are better science students. Even though they are better medical students it is still impressive that they are that well prepared. I tip my hat.

                                To my fellow FMG’s. We are the red headed step child that has bad body odor  and braces of the medical community. Going the foreign medical route is like taking the back door. No, its like breaking into the house through the chimney and potentially getting stuck. We are at a severe disadvantage to begin with. This test is pretty much the most important test we could ever take. It sucks. Some FMG’s do really well on the test after studying for just a month. But other FMGs including myself, take a lot longer. To be honest I take it as even more of an indication that I should not be a physician. At this point i just want to pass to prove a point to myself. I have about 8 weeks left to encounter this beast. Then i am definitely out of this medical thing pass or fail. New career here i come! No more memorizing 50 billion medical factoids a day! No more First Aid! No more faking a passion for medicine!

                               To my FMG’s that really really want to be physicians I say hang in there. Even if this test is giving you a hard time. You are a case of passion without the raw talent. It is going to be a very difficult road but it can be done. I know of people that made it even though they did not have the raw talent. I personally know one guy who didn’t give up and it took him years to pass the test ( Rudy syndrome). I don’t know why he choose to keep pushing ( i do know but who am i to judge) but to each his own. The funny thing is that this test has no correlation with the MCAT score. You can get 30+ on the MCAT and still struggle with this test. Anyway, enough of my rant. I’m gonna get some sleep.

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