Anti Ageing Medicine Inspires Me

                  I needed this. I needed to be inspired to keep studying medicine. Treatments seem so futile. They just seem to extend the inevitable. Anti aging research is the only part of medicine that still really fascinates me. I have been following the work of Aubrey de Grey for a while. He might be a naive media whore, but at least he is bringing senescence research to the mainstream media.

                  Searching for the “Fountain of Youth” is the only worthy goal. Everything else seems so ineffectual. Medical treatments seem to just patch things up. Beta blocker for this, antibiotic for that, but in the end the old lady still dies. There are thousands of doctors. Most of them are expendable. If I don’t become a doctor i am sure there are many more medical students willing to take my place. It is easy to find some one to treat and diagnose. But how many people are working on immortality? Not many at all. I want to go for the big prize. The ultimate prize. Curing one of mans most dreaded enemies. The fear of aging.

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