Women in Medicine Understand That It’s Just a Job

                 The author of this blog http://theprincipledlife.wordpress.com/  sent me a YouTube video from a very interesting female. I enjoy her videos even though I do not agree with all her critiques of feminism. This video stood out to me. Its a long video so fast forward to the times indicated below. She is a little harsh on women in some areas but she makes 3 great points.

Point #1:

29:28 mins to 31:35 mins

                       Modern males primarily collect degrees as a way to get laid. Altruism is secondary. Saying “I am a doctor” is the nerds way of being a rockstar. This is a fact. I cringe when I hear pre meds males try to obscure this motivation. Men go into most professions in order to be more competitive in the mating game. I wonder what a medical school admissions officer would say if you were brutally honest in the interview. ” Why do you want to be a physician?” ….”Because I wanna get a hot wife and make money, YOLO” .

Point #2:

33:52 mins to 34:10 mins

                                  Men have wandered away from teaching, psychology and Veterinary medicine. She is correct. These are now viewed as female dominated disciplines. Men assume they will get no status points from excelling at these careers because they are dominated by females. These careers are academically demanding but society has not given them same amount of status  they give to medicine. Girl Writes What hypothesizes that it is because men largely determine what is prestigious. Men are flocking away from those careers so the prestige drops. Veterinary school is harder to get into than medical school. But Veterinary medicine has not been socially elevated like medicine has. Veterinary school is female dominated.

Point #3—-The most interesting point

34:10 mins to 35:13

                                         The BMA recently expressed concern about this, saying that because women choose part-time work etc., and do not put in the same time and effort into bargaining and trade union activities, so the relative pay and standing of doctors would decline slowly but surely. In Russia, where the majority of physicians are female, the pay and status of doctors is far lower than in the west.

                                               The link to the original article is found here


                               Women are reluctant to prioritize their work over everything else in their lives. This causes society to view that career in a similar manner. This leads to a decrease in the status of that career.  Women in medicine are not willing to work ridiculous hours per week for years on end. They have better things to do. Raising a family is one of those better things. Women realize that medicine is just a job. A job should not consume your life. If a consequence of this thinking is a drop in “prestige” of the profession, then so be it.  If the prestige and money of a profession can decline simply because women have dominated it, then how real can prestige and money be?

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