People Don’t Care That You Are A Physician

                       I have a couple of friends that are medical residents or are waiting for residency. On the rare occasion that they go out to bars they find a way to slip the fact that they are doctors into the conversation. Most of the time it’s an obvious last minute grab for status in the eyes of the female they are hitting on.

                       I went out with one of my resident friends. This guy is in his mid 30’s and is decent looking. I would notice the reaction of the girl when he would say that he was doctor. There was no reaction. They didn’t care. It did not make them like him any less or any more. They seemed totally indifferent. No girl changed her attitude and decided to give her number to him because of him being a doctor. I was actually surprised at how little they cared. They didn’t even ask him what hospital he worked for. It was like ” ok, thats nice” then they moved to the next topic.

                       I realized two things watching this display. I realized that it is tacky to insert the fact that you are doctor into a conversation as a means of obtaining status points. I also learned that most people just don’t care. Unless a person asks what you do for a living one should never volunteer their occupation. It never comes off as tasteful. People that ask what you do in the first few seconds of meeting you also come off as distasteful. Why should it matter? You are talking to a person, not a job. Most people don’t care that you are a doctor. Most females in bars don’t care. The only females that really care are the ones of Southeast Asian, African and Middle Eastern descent. They only care because it has been brainwashed into them by their parents to either become a doctor or to marry a doctor. Ohh, and gold-diggers.

                     People should be able to interest people based on their own merit. A medical degree is not going to cover up deficiencies in other parts of your life. Slipping it into conversations as a way to impress a girl is lame and it often backfires. I will repeat, using the medical degree to get laid is a horrible idea. If a girl likes you, being an MD may be icing on the cake. If a girl doesn’t like you then it will not change her mind. If it does change her mind, then run for the hills. The profession of physician is not better or worse than any other profession. We are not Gods gift to humanity. Relax.

2 Replies to “People Don’t Care That You Are A Physician”

  1. Semi-agree. The problem with MDs is who they are IS often their job 🙂 Which isn’t true for say, an accountant….which is a strength and weakness of the profession.

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