The broke, fat, non famous version of you


                           The people that really like you don’t care about the status or the money you have. They like you for you. They like the broke, fat, ugly, sweat pants wearing version of you. They truly enjoy your personality. I have  friends like that. I also had a couple girlfriends like that. My friends are all like ” man, if you ever do quit medical school you can crash on my couch bro. That will give us more time to chill dude. I never see you cuz you are always studying.” My ex girl friends were all like ” i don’t care if you become a doctor or not. The problem is that you don’t make me a priority. You are always stressed out and you study too much. We don’t spend enough time together”.  Those are people that really like me. Even if its the bumming on the couch version of me. This is why living for status or prestige is so stupid. The people you attract from having prestige do not really like you. They like the title. Fame, status, and money are crutches.  Being an anonymous average person is actually a blessing. When you hit rock bottom you see things more clearly. It is good to hit a low once in a while to see who sticks by you.  The following video illustrates how the perception of status can make it difficult to find true friendship.

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