1. Respect and admiration felt for someone or something on the basis of their achievements or quality.
  2. Denoting something that arouses such respect or admiration.


This is the big elephant in the room. No one wants to talk about it. We brush it under the rug. Most of the allure of being a Medical Doctor is because of the assumed prestige we will get from it. Don’t believe me? Ask a medical student if they would choose to be a physician assistant.They will say no. The most common answer stated is because they want to be the ones calling the shots. In other words, they want to have the power and prestige. Physician assistant doesn’t have the same ring as Physician.

Also ask a medical student from an Allopathic school if they would have gone to an Osteopathic school as a first choice. There is virtually no difference in the curriculum between the two schools but most pre medical students would prefer going to an Allopathic school.  They consider the DO “stigma” as less “prestigious”.

This constant need for social respect is what turns me off from being a physician. Medical students are willing to spend a decade of their lives just for prestige. Just so people can admire them and respect them. Is it really that big of a deal if some stranger thinks I am respectable. Who cares what they think! All i care about is myself, and my happiness. Immigrant parents are the worst. It seems like these people live for prestige. The people that I really respect are the Veterinary students. They do not care about prestige. They are actually passionate about animals. They could have easily gotten into medical school and had the money and status. They choose to follow something they believe in.

Humans spend the majority of their lives worrying about what other people think. Consumerism is built from this foundation. We buy the $90 k Benz because we want to have a prestigious car. We buy a crazy big house to impress others. We go to medical school to impress our parents and society at large. Prestige is way overrated. Fuck prestige.

Check out this link….interesting study on the role of prestige on happiness              ,8599,1974718,00.html

4 Replies to “Prestige”

  1. Hah, interesting blog. I feel like us two could have a long conversation purely about prestige in the medical world. I would argue that med students actually have many other (and perhaps better) reasons than prestige to have entered med school. But at the same time, society tends to equate length of training to prestige; and because we go through so much training, it is like we are rightfully studying to ‘earn’ our prestige in society. (And with power comes responsibility?)
    Looking forward to more posts.

    1. Thanks alot. I’m glad you can understand the blog. I think you are correct about length of training being equated to prestige. Do you think that Medical training can be shortened? What other things do you think motivates medical students to become physicians?

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