“What does he do?”

                                                      Guy Number One:

1.  Average Cubicle Worker

2. Fluent in Spanish

3. Weekly Hobbies include motorcycling, gun collecting, playing guitar, poetry club

4. Volunteers every other Sunday at Soup Kitchen

5. Does not make a lot of money but is very interesting to talk to because of his unconventional life experiences

6. Took time off before college to back pack in South America and is politically active

7. Majored in Music

8. Does not eat his own buggers


                                                      Guy Number Two:

1.  Medical Doctor

2. Not bilingual

3. Weekly Hobbies include: ?? Too busy to really have any. But considers going out to bars once or twice a month a hobby.

Does watching sports count?

4. Does not volunteer anywhere

5. Is not very interesting to talk to because they are working or studying so much. This person makes a lot of money.

6.  Never traveled because his parents thought it would distract him from getting into Medical School

7. Majored in Neuroscience because it looked good for Medical Schools

8. Eats his own buggers

If the daughter of an immigrant parent where to bring both of these guys home as a potential long term partner, her parents would be in love with guy number 2.  They would consider number one a resounding success in life. These parents will not care that all the individuality has been beaten out of him by pre-med, medical school and residency.

Guy number two would not be worthy of their daughter. This guy would be immediately disqualified after the first question: ” What is his career?” Never mind that the guy has awesome life experiences.  They would not care that he has an interesting life and is a good person. Nope. If he is not a “high status” professional then nothing else matters. Boring doctor trumps interesting cubicle guy any day.

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