Medical School to Get Laid HAHAHAHAH!

I was sitting in the library and over heard a conversation from these 2 premeds that i had been introduced to a few minutes before. One the guys was passionately stating that he cant wait to become a doctor so that he can get the hot wife and bang all these hot chicks. He also added that he wants to become a orthopedic surgeon because he wants to be at the top of the medical hierarchy and that he likes feeling more educated than others ( typical gunner in training). I almost burst out laughing. I couldn’t help myself. You know i had to jump in and correct this ridiculousness. What proceeded was an hour long debate on how he was very mistaken. Keep in mind this kid was the prototypical socially awkward nerd ( but a very nice guy). You could tell that he wasn’t successful with chicks his whole life. He viewed medicine as the ticket to money and sexual extravagance. I systematically explained to him in a point by point method why there are more efficient ways to get women than going into a 10 year grueling graduate school program.

Here is the blueprint to get women without having to become and orthopedic surgeon:

1.)  A gym membership…..get in shape. People like attractive people. Having a banging body helps alot.

2.)  Get a life….people like interesting people. The more cool hobbies the better. Learn to play the guitar. Better yet, go to group guitar lessons. Learn  origami. Pick up paint ball. Do anything to get you to become more social.

3.)  Learn how to talk to girls. This is the information age. The internet is flooded with dating advice. Some of it good, and some of it bad. Learn through trial and error. Hang out with people that are good with women. Get in the friend-zone with a girl and pick her brain on the subject (im just sayin).

4.) Become an interesting person and people will be interested in you. Read books on cool new ideas. Become socially and politically aware. Become passionate about something other than comic books or some other form of escapism.

The cost of the gym membership is maybe $25 a month. An inexpensive guitar is $120. Internet connection is $20 a month and interesting books are free at the library. Total price is $165 and maybe 3 months of your life. Total price of medical school is 200K and 10 years of your life.

Of course he was not having any of that. He looked at me like i was from Mars. Forget what everyone says about altruism. Its all BS. The main motivator for men and women entering medicine is sexual selection. Most medical students implicitly feel that at the end of the day the money and prestige garnered will help them find a better mate. Helping people is secondary. Sex runs everything. Humans are little vehicles to spread our genes. I applaud this guy for being honest. He has a dream that MD= sex. He may be correct. If he is incorrect he is going to be one pissed off doctor.

ps I should add that nerd guys MCAT study partner did not support his idea that medicine is the path to the honeys. His friend understood that you will be studying more than you will be screwing. He also stated that he likes studying for 8 hours a day ( crazy).

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