Gold Diggers and Doctor Groupies

This is based on the previous post about using the MD title to get laid. One question i asked this guy over and over was ” do you want a girl that wants you because of you job title??”.  The two main reasons for people going into medicine is prestige and money. Women that date men for prestige are called groupies. Women that date men for money are called gold diggers ( or prostitutes if the monetary exchange is overtly expressed). So using a job title to get women is setting your self up for failure. I explained to him that if you have to get a chick based on the MD, what happens if you fall in hard financial times? Will the wife stick by you? When you work 60 hour weeks is she going to hook up with the “pool boy”? I also explained to him that it does not feel good to be looked at as a dollar sign. Strip clubs are fun for a short time before they start to get lame. They get lame because all the women in the strip club look at you as a walking dollar sign. Not cool!

I will admit that what you do for a living is a reflection of your core values. I will also admit that people do evaluate earning potential and profession as part of the whole package when it comes to dating. This is normal. But if most of what you have to offer is a job title you are in trouble. Nerd guy mentioned that he will be hooking up with hot nurses left and right. I almost died laughing. Yes this does happen. But its way more complicated than he thinks. It has serious professional consequences. I told him he is also vastly overestimating the hotness and the dating availability of the average nurse. Most nurses are not super hot. Most nurses do not wear  slutty nurse uniforms no matter what the adult film industry and Halloween costumes lead you to believe.

I have noticed that most people are not overly impressed with doctors. The people that are are usually older people or immigrants. This is a good thing. No one should be overly impressed with a mere title. They should be impressed with the content of a persons character



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