Everyone is clueless

“If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it.”…Frank Zappa

Fuck expectations. Why should we live up to some ones expectations? Who are they to have any expectations? It’s as if they have some grand insight about the nature of this life. They don’t. Society, our parents, professors, neighbors, classmates, girlfriends, boyfriends, and priest have no clue about life. No one knows anything. We are all just going through the motions flailing along trying to find some way to make sense of this. Our parents think that you can find meaning by spending your life in school for 15 years, coming out making 200k, having the respect of society and raising a family. Yeh, that should solve it. But it doesn’t. It just keeps you busy until you die.

People always say life is too short to not have fun. No one lives that way except hippies and kids. Why aren’t we having fun? Why do we live to fulfill some societal or familial expectation of what a person is supposed to be. Most people are unhappy most of the time.  I know kids that are in Phd, JD and MD programs that aren’t really happy. “Yeh ill get happy when im done, but for now ima keep myself busy because this is what i’m expected to do because society and my parents know best”. They are just happy hoping that they might be happy one day.

Baby boomers are dumb and clueless. Immigrant parents are extra dumb and clueless.  They fucked the world up when they were on the verge of making it awesome. Society has no clue on how to live. Over 1 in 10 people in the USA are on antidepressants. Many more are secretly unhappy. People are so clueless that they cling to any leader who seems to know the answers. This includes political figures, religious leaders, and celebrities. Knowing all this, why do we still follow in line??  What stops us from freeing ourselves? We follow because unhappiness is way easier than rebellion. We are too chickenshit to be happy ( including me).

Once you figure out that everyone is clueless, life becomes your video game. Fear of rejection and failure go away. Go up and talk to that hot girl/ guy. So what if you get rejected? What do they know? They are just as clueless as you? Go pick up that new sport. So what if you are old and people make fun of you? Those people are just as clueless as you. Fuck Medical school if you hate it. Sure your parents would be pissed. But what do they know? They are in their mid fifties, and live a boring life. They are just as clueless as you.

ps I don’t particularly like everything about Steve Jobs or Apple but he knows what he is talking about in this clip

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