We are not parental property…kinda

To what extent are you the property of your parents? I wish i had the balls to say screw you to all of their ridiculous expectations. “Go to medical school they said”. “You will have a good life” they said. How simple-minded is that?  There was no explanation of the sacrifices involved. No explanation that you might acquire different passions as you grow older. We were too naive at 21 years old to know any better. How were we supposed to know that prestige is overrated? How were we supposed to know that you don’t need to make hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a fulfilling life? How were we supposed to know that a  balanced life  is the key to happiness? Maybe if we had realized this earlier we would have fought back with all our might against our close minded parents. Maybe if they had explained this to us we would not be in this position. I cant blame them, even though it feels so right. They are a product of their own ignorance. To them spending a decade in school and working 60 hour weeks is the only viable key to happiness. Now its too late. We are on this medical school train that lasts the better part of a decade. Our willingness to please our parents has enslaved us. No turning back now.

Happy doctor

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